What we plan

Every day tastes different

Wouldn’t life be boring if every day was the same? With ord2eat, it’s not. We’ve something new to try every single day. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

They’re special for a reason

Day after day, our menu changes automatically. One day you might be drizzling olive oil across a handmade pizza; the next, gorge yourself on a carefully selection dish of tapas.

Taste the world with Tripadvisor

What does the world taste like to you? Take your tastebuds on a culinary journey – wherever you are, take a few moments to describe your favourite dish or delicacy.

Integrate flavour with technology

Whether you’re in New York or Hawaii you’ll be spoilt for culinary choice. We want to upload what’s good, what’s great, what’s fantastic and what’s not so fab.

Fab food products for video

Online may be omnipotent in the world today but television (and that includes video) is still the most widely used form of mass media. So let’s capture some culinary classics.

Sublime online

Reviews matter. Reviews sell. Everyone (or at least most of us) read reviews. And the juicier, meatier (doesn’t need to be actual meat), tastier review are what we want.

Social media

What’s the best way to get your message heard by the masses across the globe? A media that speaks to all ages? Social media of course. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…get posting.

Art meets aroma

They say a picture can say 100 words. We want our favourite food framed. We want you to use art to describe flavour. What words best describe your favourite dish?

Automatically generated printed menus

Imagine a menu where EVERYTHING on it was a favourite dish of yours. From starters to sweets, sweet to savoury… it can be done. And we’re doing before anyone.

Your food-filled TV channel

We live in a world where everything is interconnected. So let’s create a TV channel that’s dedicated to you and your favourite food – from starters to sweets this is your menu.

Automatic social updates

Like we said, everything today is interconnected, so whenever you update your menu – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter update it too. Cool.

A daily discount, just for you

Customer loyalty is everything to a restaurant. We all want our clients back again. Right? And the best way to keep them coming back (apart from the great food) is daily discounts.

Happy hours

We all associate Happy Hours with drinks. Not here. Happy Hours can mean anything from your favourite soft drink, smoothie, starter, sumptuous main or sweet. Now that’s sweet.

What’s new and what’s best?

Well, that depends of course. Would you prefer a fish, chicken, beef, pork or lamb dish? Or how about something different like game or venison. Enjoy a new delight every single day.


Don’t forget to tag what you loved and well, what certainly wasn’t on your wish list. Let’s see who agrees and why. The only way we can better our platform is from what you say.

GPS locator

Where was that restaurant that sold the most divine langoustine starter followed by that very unique take on a tagliatelle? Simply use your GPS locator to find it. Easy.

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