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Attract customers, increase your business visibility and drive sales. Upload your menu and we’ll transform it into digital!

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ord2eat is a simple elegant digital menu app designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, clubs, and hotels.

It is safe, simple, no download or installation required, and works on all devices. Don't need to buy any hardware.

Benefits for all

QR codes for
easy access

The menu can be easily viewed by scanning a QR code or clicking the menu link.

Be eco-friendly
go paperless.

Reduce printing costs, be eco-friendly and go paperless with ord2eat QR digital menu.

& Hygienic

Keep your customers safe. Comply with social distancing and hygiene rules.


Highlight daily, weekly, or seasonal specials and your recommendations.


Hide out-of-stock products and update prices in real time

web URL

Access your QR digital menu from your URL, e.g.

No download,
no installation.

How can that be easier? Simple. You’ll use a online menu, which requires an internet connection. No download and no installation needed.


At ord2eat everyone is welcome.  Automatically or manually translate your elegant digital menu to the languages of your choice. No translator required.

and allergens displayed.

Make sure that your customers are aware of the ingredients and allergens. Customers can detect allergens without asking a waiter.

Interested in seeing ord2eat QR digital menu?

Get your camera ready to scan a QR code and see how it works!

Engage your customers with elegant, simple and budget-friendly ord2eat menu with food images and enrich their dine-out experience.
It costs you less than a coffee a day!

Alpino Lodge & Bivio Bistrot
Alpino Lodge & Bivio BistrotLivigno, Italy
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We use this app in two of our restaurants called Alpino Lodge and Bivio Bistrot, which are located in Livigno, Italy. Clients often praise the app stating that it is easy to use and intuitive as it displays pictures for every available meal. Even for us as restaurants, this app is great and very easy to use as it's easy to add/remove meals and even easier to change ingredients or prices. There is nothing to add, fantastic!

What we plan

We’re phasing our way into the future

People prefer visuals to words. Fact. Globally, our attention span is getting less and less. Nothing replicates what is on a menu better than the power of video. Video also brightens up some black and white stagnant menu. And we’ve the power of video at our fingertips.

Scanning a QR code is child’s play. And just in the same way you scanned your order, you’ll use the simplicity of contactless to make a payment. You can even leave a tip and some feedback if you enjoyed your meal(s). Everyone loves a returning customer.

Moving through the phases of ord2eat social media will play a big part in both public relations and getting ourselves noticed. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will be our key platforms.

As I briefly touched on earlier, writing reviews in an almost Trust Pilot type way will enhance a restaurant’s credibility. Reviews will be backed by an ‘out of five’ star system.

Pricing plans

to fit your budget

Designed to help you grow your business, not your bill.

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